Privacy Policy


Terms of Service


 1) Results Or How

-Each service is different outcome, in every service we provide detailed information to users of the service

-How always different in each service, in accordance with the operational standards that exist in our company


2) Advertisement

-Using the services of other parties, such as facebook, instagram or google ads, we manage and our optimization so that it runs properly

-We report the results of optimization of advertising to the user, with a minimum duration of 20 days of an ad running (optional accordance with the agreement)


3) Backlink

-In accordance with the service user messages (order) then we will be working with the existing rules -and the jobs report will be given in accordance with the duration has been specified, in each service

-Link building services private blog network: List we have, we managed properly, can every package we provide 3 months warranty, if the link that we sent, damaged, deleted, dead or hosting domain expired

-Link building services private network blog proprietary source that we made, according to the user inform us, after the information that we received, we create a website and to provide the domain, hosting and content. Once online the network link will be given to users, can be managed and updated by the user, the applicable domain of about 8 to 10 months since we received orders and hosting valid 1 year since we received the order.


4) SEO

-Website optimization services, in which users provide to us url / address of the site and keywords that you want to optimization

-Service optimization is valid for 1 year, since we received orders

-During our site optimization, site optimization user banned elsewhere or use other services, and if we know that we cancel the contract unilaterally


 5) Other services

Additional services according to the needs of users, such as site management, domain management, and so forth that have been agreed


 6) Payment system

100% upfront payment by cash or by the transfer in accordance with the values ​​and invoice we provide.